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Babylonians adopted many of the Sumerian gods and goddesses, but altered their characters slightly. Here are the most popular download as word document
and well-known gods worshipped by Babylonians.
ANU was originally the father and king of the gods.
APSU was the god of Underworld Ocean.
EA was the god of the waters. He was also the god of wisdom and art.
ENLIL was the god of sky and earth. He was a short-tempered god who was responsible for a great flood.
ISHTAR was both the goddess of morning light and the night star. She had a double character, since she was the goddess of love and childbirth, as well as war.
MARDUK was the god creator of the world and master of human destiny. He took the place of Anu as the king of the gods. Marduk created mankind in order to have beings on earth who would serve the gods. He was also the protector of the city of Babylon.
SHAMASH was the sun god. He saw everything and, for this reason, he was also the god of truth and justice.
SIN was the moon god.
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