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Sobonfu Somé

Sobonfu Somé, author and teacher and one of the foremost voices in African spirituality to come to west, says that: "There is a deep longing among people in the West to connect with something bigger - with community and spirit. People know there is something missing in there lives, and believe that the rituals and ancient ways of the village offer some answers."

Sobonfu, whose name means "keeper of the rituals" travels the world on a healing mission sharing the rich spiritual life, ritual, and culture of her native land, Burkina Faso, which ranks as one of the world's poorest countries yet one of the richest in spiritual life and custom.

Sobonfu has written two books, The Spirit of Intimacy and Welcoming Spirit Home, her newest offering which draws on rituals and practices involving community, birth miscarriage, and children. Filled with grace and eloquence, Sobonfu possesses a charm and modesty that enables her to touch her audience deeply. Her message about the importance of spirit, community and ritual in our lives rings with an intuitive power and truth that Alice Walker has said "can help us put together so many things that our modern western world has broken."

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