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From the Voyager Tarot

by James Wanless, Ph.D.
© 1986 James Wanless and Ken Knutson, and used by permission of the author

Fool-Child tarot cardLike the fetus and dependent child, live on faith in the order of the universe. Know that you are taken care of. In accepting this law (trust in the Universe), you can be the Fool; you can relax, be yourself, take risks, play.

As the innocent Fool and wide-eyed Child, be open and curious. This receptive state of mind makes you intuitive, original, spontaneous and present. Allow your natural genius expression.

Like the child, you have tremendous vitality, a youthful energy that wants to move about, experience and learn. If you occasionally fall on your face, that's part of growing.

As the number of this card, zero, you are like spirit, you are everywhere and nowhere, lost and secure, young but wise, silly yet serious. Follow the spirit (your toucan angel guides) rather than the practical and conventional. Taking such a leap of faith may allow you to be fooled in a worldly sense, but it also gives you a rebirth through a mystical, transcendent experience which brings a breath of fresh air (Ehecatl —the Aztec wind god), a new life and a new beginning.

The shadow or negative side of the Fool-Child: You may never mature into adulthood and, like a child, stay the "eternal immature puer," thus not take responsibility, remain dependent and näive, impractical and powerless.

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