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Charlie Bethel

Charlie Bethel is an actor/writer based in Minneapolis and has also worked as a director, stage manager, producer, electrician, milliner, and properties and set dressing artist. He has performed at Cincinnati Playhouse, Trinity Rep, many Shakespeare Festivals across the US, Econo-Art Theater Company, Red Bones, Next Theater Company, Apple Tree Theatre, The Jungle Theater, The Childrenís Theatre Company, Trinity Ensemble, Cape May Stage, CalibanCo., Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences, Southwest Shakespeare Company, and has both performed and taught at the Esalen Institute, and for the Cherubs Program at Northwestern University.

Outside the theater, Charlie has been a writer for Red Farm Films, a filthy joke generator for Innovisions Greeting Card Company, a seamanship instructor, a cook, a gardener, a florist, and a surveyor of graveyards.

A native Southerner, Charlie is a graduate of the North Carolina School of the Arts, the South Carolina Governorís School, and he comes from a long line of talkers.

Charlie Bethel never met an epic he didn't like. A couple years ago, he was telling audiences the story of Beowulf. This year, he steps on the Mythic Journeys stage to unspool the yarn of an ancient and brave king, his wild-man friend and their battles with the gods. With no costume or props except a couple chairs and a glass of water, Bethel uses only his own formidable story-telling skills to make the tale of Gilgamesh come alive in a riveting, rollicking and accessible staging. The way Bethel tells the tale makes you realize anew why this saga has survived the millennia.

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